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Four Kitchens Screenshot 1/2 Screenshot 2/2
Working at Four Kitchens, we stay pretty busy, but from time to time you have to take care of yourself. With the relaunch of our website I got to flex my mobile muscles, working with my fellow web chefs to build a responsive, mobile-first Drupal theme, packed with microformat goodness (hCard, hRecipe), using Pressflow instead of Drupal core.
Pressflow 7, Aurora, Sass, Compass
VH Printing
VH Printing is a full-service printing shop on the North side of Dallas. They needed a mobile-friendly brand refresh and a new e-commerce store to power their high-volume vendors' purchases. I built a Drupal Commerce site with an Aurora sub-theme using Sass, Compass, and jQuery to help them manage their client portfolio, testimonials, and product inventory, all hosted on super fast Drupal servers by the experts at Pantheon.
Drupal 7, Drupal Commerce, Sass, Compass, responsive
Small Planet Institute Screenshot 1/3 Screenshot 2/3 Screenshot 3/3
The Small Planet Institute is an organization dedicated to reducing the global carbon footprint caused by food consumption. I was the technical architect and contributed to the content strategy and development of the website.
Drupal 6, Custom theme, jQuery
AT&T Screenshot 1/3 Screenshot 2/3 Screenshot 3/3
Working on a small team at Javelin, I built a pair of AT&T Small Business Mobility upgrade websites. Small business owners come to the site when their company's mobile phone contracts are close to expiring, so they can compare phones for their employees. User data is fed in from AT&T on a bi-monthly basis, and all phone pricing is dynamically generated from the data we receive. For the "owners" website, there were multiple segments of business owners who saw content related to their industry. Custom modules included a PDF and an email generator, a method for automatic login from email campaigns, user-controlled sorting of Views, and detailed logging of Views filters to measure the most popular searches.
Drupal 6, Custom theme, jQuery
Choose Wichita Falls Screenshot 1/2 Screenshot 2/2
Choose Wichita Falls is a portal site for the city's other online properties. I worked with Dallas agency HCK2 to produce this site using Pressflow, the high-performance distribution of Drupal. I configured the site, built the theme from scratch, and trained site maintainers.
Pressflow 6, Custom theme, jQuery
Design Guide Magazine Screenshot 1/2 Screenshot 2/2
Design Guide was founded around their magazines for interior design products and services, but they realized that they needed a strong web presence to keep growing. I built their site with Drupal so they could quickly and easily manage their sponsored ads, coordinate events in various areas of Texas, and bring their physical magazine sales online. They've since switched themes (compare to my screenshots), but it goes to show the amazing flexibility of Drupal's theming system over any customized part of a website.
Drupal 6, Custom theme, jQuery, Ubercart with Authorize.net

other web development

DrupalCamp Austin
DrupalCamp Austin is a yearly mid-sized conference for the Drupal community in Texas. For 2013 we decided to mix it up, building a site NOT dependent on Drupal. Instead, we built it using Jekyll and open-sourced the entire website so others could benefit and improve on the site. I took special care to create the event schedule page, which is mobile-friendly and FAST so that people could use it even on the sometimes-shaky conference wi-fi. We also open-sourced a standalone version of the schedule for other Jekyll users.
Jekyll, GitHub Pages, Sass, Compass
Drush Make Generator - http://drushmake.me
Drush make is so darn handy I decided it needed a simple GUI for creating makefiles. It is constantly evolving so keep an eye on it! Source code on github.
LAAND (Laura-Anna & Andreas) Screenshot 1
A simple design for a Texas-based Greek band, with focus on minimal navigation and easily spotted calls to action. I designed this website — the only one in this whole list. Since they have been working with me, LAAND has seen a tremendous increase in traffic, and as a result, have played more shows in many states around Texas.

Presentating and Speaking

Unfolding the Box Model: Exploring CSS 3D Transforms
I created an interactive presentation to introduce CSS 3D Transforms and presented it at HTML5.tx and CSS Dev Conf 2013. It walks the reader through the various types of tranforms already known to every web designer or developer, and uses many famliar objects to demonstrate the power of this new browser capability.
Full speaking history
For now, if you'd like to see more of my speaking and training history, please see my profile on the Four Kitchens website. I'm available primarily for frontend-oriented conferences as well as Drupal events. Please contact me if you're interested!

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