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I can help you with...

Frontend development — If it's the part of the app that lives in the browser, I'm all about it. I'm most familiar with React, Jekyll, and Drupal, but I'm pretty comfortable in any language or framework. I'm happy to augment your team and build accessible, performant frontend code for your website or app.

Frontend performance — I'll give your site a thorough inspection and deliver a report containing an actionable plan to improve your loading times.

Implementing audits — I am almost always willing to take on short-term development contracts to implement the improvement plans I recommend, as long as the tech stack is something I'm comfortable with.

Training workshops — You can hire me to do on-site training at your company or event. I have been training people to build performant, responsive websites since 2011 and would love to help your team next!

I cannot help you with...

I'm not a designer, I'm not great at application programming, and I'm not looking for a full-time position as an employee.

In order to be the best frontend developer I can be, I choose not to take any of these roles which are often associated with or coupled to frontend development.

I'm happy to refer you to folks who can help me accomplish what you need, but right now I only accept work that directly involves frontend development.

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