Vetenskapsfestivalen Göteborg 2016

I had the pleasure of participating in Vetenskapsfestivalen Göteborg 2016 (Vetfest for short). Afra and I took part in an installation centering around bustashape, a site we're working on together.

Bustashape allows people to create art together on a digital canvas using whatever is in their pocket. It's a perfect fit for Vetfest, which centers around the intersection of art and technology. We brought TVs, tablets, smartphones, and laptops to the festival, and allowed passerby to contribute to a digital canvas displayed on a big-screen TV.

The results were astounding! Understandably, most peoples' initial reaction was confusion, and many shapes were randomly pushed about. But out of chaos came something beautiful. Here are a few posters we created from all the various works that people made over the course of the festival:

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