I joined @resonatecoop yesterday. I never signed up for any music streaming until now, because they're all clearly scams preying on both listeners and artists: Listeners have no guarantee of control over music, despite paying an indefinite subscription. When they stop paying, the music goes away. Artists... Read more

CSS Naked Day 2020

If the site looks broken, it's not. It's my website without CSS!

I love that this reset is so small and doesn't try to completely crush the default styles of browsers. Also, I join the entire webdev community in a collective oooh ahhh over the use of the [class] selector as a means for neutralizing styled lists, while leaving... Read more

Moving to Matomo

To eliminate third-party tracking on my website I have transitioned off Google Analytics and am now using Matomo.

Receiving Webmentions

I've moved exclusively to Webmentions instead of using a more traditional commenting system. Respond to this entry by linking to it from your own website!

Brave Rewards

Brave offers a new compensation model for web publishing. Instead of relying on third-party advertising, sites can be paid directly by visitors using digital currency.

Using Johnny Five to power NeoPixels

Learning to program Arduino in the open. This experiment involved the Johnny Five platform, allowing me to power an Adafruit NeoPixel with JavaScript.

LilyPad Arduino LED Biking Jacket

Using the LilyPad Arduino to build a LED turn-signal system into a jacket, increasing night time safety for bicyclists.

Arduino soil moisture sensor

Learning how to program Arduino in the open. This experiment involved a soil moisture sensor and an Arduino Uno.

LilyPad Arduino LED Purse

Learning how to program Arduino in the open. This project used the LilyPad Arduino to decorate a purse with LEDs.

Debug non-secure localhost with a proxy

Certain new features of the Web Platform require a secure origin, complicating local development and testing. Use a network proxy to make testing localhost on real devices easy!

Vetenskapsfestivalen Göteborg 2016

I had the pleasure of participating in Vetenskapsfestivalen Göteborg 2016 (Vetfest for short). Afra and I took part in an installation centering around bustashape, a site we're working on together. Bustashape allows people to create art together on a digital canvas using whatever is in their pocket.... Read more