Badushütte Day 2

in Oberalppass, Switzerland

After a heavy thunderstorm and spectacular lightning show from our hut window the night before, two of us still managed to wake up and see the sunrise around 6:30am. The skies were much clearer today and we could see even more distant mountain peaks than the day before.

There are two trails leading from the base to this hut, and I was fully in favor of going back on the second, easier trail. However, John wanted to hike another peak near the trail we'd taken yesterday, so in the end we went back the same way.

I was too tired to add an extra summit to my hike, but the other two tried. They also didn't make it because it got really steep and felt a little dangerous with literally no climbing gear on hand. I was happy to rest while watching them try though!

As if it were waiting for us to finish, the rain drops hit us as soon as our feet were on the parking lot pavement. We couldn't believe our luck in that regard! We plopped our weary bodies at a table at the restaurant and got lunch before driving back to Freiburg in the rain.

All in all it was an amazing experience and we all three are excited to do another trek again next year!