Exploring town

in Varenna, Italy

Traveling with young kids means you have to do it on their schedule. In this case, it was really nice because we got into town much earlier than most folks. We had plenty of space walking the Greenway dei Patriarchi, enjoyed a liesurely breakfast at a waterside café, and I especially enjoyed finding the best passageways to photograph.

We also picked up my mom who'd been travelling to Venice and Murano on her own. Once we had her in tow, we spent most of the afternoon collecting beach glass in various spots on the water. She's very passionate about it and her enthusiasm has caught on in our family. Aydo really loves finding pieces and admiring the collection afterwards, sorting by color and describing the shapes he sees.

Finally, we enjoyed a fancy dinner compliments of my mom to finish our day. I loved the appetizer of fried buffalo mozarella, but we all agreed that Karin's lasagne was the tastiest of the table.