Relaxing on the beach

in Mossel Bay, South Africa

Mossel Bay was one of our only stops along the Garden Route. We stayed in Cape Town as long as possible and as a result saw much of the Route from the car.

We found a charming bed and breakfast called Lillies & Leopards on the south-facing edge of the bay. It was fairly close to a private beach, whose waters were a bit too rough to go swimming that day. Happy to just relax and watch the sunset, we stayed out until it was dark.

We found these strange slugs all over the beach feeding on jellyfish. Karin couldn't stand to look at them, and dubbed them "grossies"

The next morning we planned to hit the road again, momentarily tempted to stay another day when Gaby cooked us our spectacular three-course breakfast: beginning with fruits, cereal, and yogurt; toast with a number of delicious homemade spreads; and finally Gaby offered us eggs, mushrooms, and bacon.

Gaby was a delightful woman, born in South Africa but over her life had fallen in love with the German language. She was eager to help us find activities, and maintained a truly lovely B&B for travellers.

We really enjoyed our short stop in Mossel Bay. I'd recommend Lillies & Leopards to any couple looking for a cozy, private spot along the Garden Route.