Bagan Day 2

in Bagan, Myanmar

The second day we let ourselves sleep in and took off around 9am to visit the grounds of Bagan for the day before catching a bus out of town. One of our main priorities was finding Mao-mao, who we met the day before, and making good on our promise to return and buy the prints he'd set aside for us.

We made our way out to Dahmmayan Gyi Phaya, where we'd found him the day before. He saw us approach from pretty far away and his reaction was priceless! He leapt in the air and was exclaiming to his friends, though we were way out of earshot he was obviously telling them "I TOLD you they'd come back!"

We bought the prints and I tipped him a small amount for the previous day's tour he'd given. We said our goodbyes, wished him well, and felt much better about honoring our promise. On to other temples!

We decided to stop at all the white temples we saw. It's impossible to drive more than two minutes without seeing a red-brick temple, so the white ones stand out. We sat in the shade at the first temple and just listened to some windchimes for a while.

I was using Gallileo to navigate the grounds, and I have to say it's indispensible.. even the small sand roads are well-marked in Open Street Maps! We took a few very small roads to make our way to Dhammayazika, our last temple of the afternoon. It was very interesting due to its pentagon shape, something that seems quite unique in all of the Buddhist countries.

Finally it was time to pack up and head back to our hostel so we could catch our bus. We dropped off the e-bikes and shortly afterward found ourselves on the bus, satisfied with our two days and smiling from the good memories.