Freshwater snorkeling

in Coñaripe, Chile

The beginning of March brought a new school year for the southern hemisphere, so Coñaripe's main lake, Lago Calafquen, was much emptier despite the nice weather.

There were just a handful of other vacationers at this point. We sat on the dock and had the whole thing to ourselves for a while. We sunned ourselves and I admired the clear water as I peeked through the boards of the dock while laying on my stomach.

Eventually another couple our age came dirt-biking over and stopped on the dock. The guy got out two snorkeling masks and jumped in. He told Karin his girlfriend didn't want to do it, so if we were interested we could use the mask and snorkel around. He was looking for mussels to eat.

I said sure I love snorkeling and grabbed the mask. The water isn't deep at all so it was pretty simple to find some mussels and add to the collection. I didn't stay at it for long, but it was also nice to check out the bottom of the lake. It was a fun surprise activity!