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Sours and Friends in Dripping Springs, Texas

I wasted no time getting out to my favorite brewery in the world, Jester King! It was thankfully not a release day so we enjoyed short lines, stone-fire pizzas, and farmhouse-style sour ales made right in the Texas Hill Country.

Ciders and Friends near Austin, Texas

We went to a show featuring the very talented David Diers, playing some rock at the Texas Keeper just outside Austin.

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City was quite the change of pace after our slow weeks in Thailand. It's a crazy, pulsing city that is no place for a newbie traveler. We had a blast checking it out and acting young for a few days.

Mussels in Brussels in Brussels, Belgium

Thinking of Brussels two things come to mind: the best beer in the world, and great food to soak it up.