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Walking around in Copenhagen, Denmark

I went to Copenhagen to help a friend clean out an old storage shed from his university days and we saw a bit of the city too.

Presidential Lobster in Kennebunkport, Maine

Next stop as I slowly inched my way back to Europe was Maine. I flew into Boston and my old colleague Ian was kind enough to drive all the way down and pick me up to visit this quiet area of the east coast.

BBQ and Friends in Houston, Texas

I spent some time with one of my good Purdue friends in Houston. While I was there he whipped up a special treat — six racks of ribs on his smoker!

Sours and Friends in Dripping Springs, Texas

I wasted no time getting out to my favorite brewery in the world, Jester King! It was thankfully not a release day so we enjoyed short lines, stone-fire pizzas, and farmhouse-style sour ales made right in the Texas Hill Country.

Ciders and Friends near Austin, Texas

We went to a show featuring the very talented David Diers, playing some rock at the Texas Keeper just outside Austin.

Lake time in Crystal Lake, Michigan

We visited our friends Jordan and Annette, spending a relaxing pre-fourth up at their cottage in north Michigan.

Four Kitchens around the World

A tribute to my friends and colleagues at Four Kitchens in honor of their 10th anniversary!

Back again in Pai, Thailand

We made a quick stopover in Pai to visit our Sabai family before finishing our trip.

Sabai Garden in Pai, Thailand

Sabai Garden was our home for two weeks during my recovery. It was such a peaceful, relaxing place filled with lovely people.

Visitors in Freiburg, Germany

Before DrupalCon Barcelona three of my dear colleagues from Four Kitchens came to visit Freiburg. It was fun being the tour guide and showing them around the town I call home.

Visiting Friends in Ann Arbor, Michigan

We visited Jordan and Annette in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We had a fun week of hiking, canoeing, and furniture-building.