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Lake time in Crystal Lake, Michigan

We visited our friends Jordan and Annette, spending a relaxing pre-fourth up at their cottage in north Michigan.

Kalaw Trekking Day 3 from Part tu, Myanmar

Day 3 of our three-day trek involved a 14km hike within the Inle Lake park zone, followed by a boat ride to our final destination at a town north of the lake.

Good times in Gili Air, Indonesia

Instead of going to the main island of Lombok, we chose a tiny paradise just off the coast called Gili Air. It is a 1km-wide island with quaint bungalows and charming restaurants.

Slow boat to Muang Ngoy from Muang Khua, Laos

We went on a four hour ride for our first slow boat trip, which took us down the Ou River from Muang Khua to Muang Ngoy.

Boat tour in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

We kinda got scammed into a tour through Ha Long Bay, but it's a pretty nice place to be tricked into staying all afternoon.