Life on the island

on Martha's Vineyard

Aside from beach hopping, Katie and I got to do a lot together. She tends two school gardens and in the summer only requires light upkeep, with the awesome advantage that she gets to keep the veggies that produce in the summer!

We set up a farm stand one day at the elementary school garden in Chillmark, and another day went to tend the bigger middle school garden in West Tisbury. I just helped with easy stuff that the kids normally do, like watering.

The veggies we took home were incredible! Combined with the approximately 20 hens that she and John raise on their property, we had delicious and diverse skillets of eggs every morning I was there. We even ate outside while the chickens grazed around us.

Katie has become a real advocate for food awareness in the past few years and it was easy to see how deeply she believes in it during my visit with her. John also has a passion for sustainable farming and it was very interesting to learn about their various projects they try out on their land.