on Martha's Vineyard

Friday was too hot for John to work the tree-cutting job he had, so his crew got the day off. He came back to the house and picked me up, then we got picked up by another friend on a boat to go fishing.

The fish they had in mind is a Bonito, or bones as they called them. It's a plentiful, unendangered fish that normally yields about 5 pounds of sushi-grade filet. John made his first catch of the year almost immediately after casting!

AK is especially fond of these fish. Indeed, his boat is called the SS Bone! After a quick start, we only ended up with the two fish. But for one day it was plenty. One went to a local restaurant to pay for gas money and other expenses, and the second was prepared and served as sashimi at a party we had that evening.

This fish is seriously a treat. Delicious, melts in your mouth, and needs absolutely nothing else to make a delicious meal.

A few days later they went on another fishing trip and John caught six that time! We had a smaller party specifically to make a sushi dinner that time, so that more people could share the love.


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