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Cattle Cove in Coñaripe, Chile

We spent an afternoon hiking to Lago Pellaifa and found a secluded little cove to relax at.

Snorkeling in Blue Lagoon

Returning from Gili Air back to Padang Bay, we went snorkeling again in Blue Lagoon a few times. This time we were armed with our friend's camera and caught some great glimpes of underwater sea life.

Markets in Muang Khua, Laos

A few glimpses into the markets of Muang Khua. It's a rural town with some unusual choices of cuisine. Content warning, strange dead animals in this post!

Chillin' in Pai, Thailand

After our adventures at Cave Lodge we stopped in Pai to just relax a bit. It's a small town with bustling tourism and a great vibe.

Big Knob at Cave Lodge

Our first activity at Cave Lodge was an easy local spot called Big Knob. It's a short hike, no guide needed, and it can be done in about two hours.

Temple Ruins in Ayutthaya, Thailand

The temples in Ayutthaya are almost all ruins due to the Burmese sacking this former capital city in the late 18th century. The ruins were beautiful and mysterious due to their condition.

Cowtown in Fort Worth, Texas

My mom and I showed Karin around the Fort Worth Stockyards when we visited her before our trip to S.E. Asia. She had a blast checking out all them there Texans.

Amakhala Game Reserve at Addo Elephant National Park

We enjoyed a luxurious, thrilling safari on the Amakhala Game Reserve. We saw four of the Big 5 in their natural habitats, living freely under the protection of the game park we visited.