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Good times in Gili Air, Indonesia

Instead of going to the main island of Lombok, we chose a tiny paradise just off the coast called Gili Air. It is a 1km-wide island with quaint bungalows and charming restaurants.

Back again in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Instead of staying in Bangkok we went back to visit Ya in Ayutthaya. We had a nice time singing songs and just relaxing at his wonderful guest house.

Sabaidee in Muang Khua, Laos

After our crazy bus ride into Laos, the first stop was luckily the small, laid-back town of Muang Khua. We stayed here several days to recharge and relax.

Longson in Mui Ne, Vietnam

With my leg almost healed, it was finally time to hit the beach! We chose Mui Ne and had a great time at an awesome resort. The people there are great and the staff are dedicated to showing us how to have a good time.

Cave Lodge in Soppong, Thailand

Cave Lodge is an absolutely beautiful place to stay in north Thailand offering more adventures than we thought possible. Anyone passing through should make a stop here for at least a few nights!

Buccaneers in Cintsa Bay, South Africa

Our stop at Buccaneers was our last of the trip because it was so great! We stayed several days longer than we planned. It's a beautiful community situated across the entire side of a mountain facing the coast of Cintsa Bay.