Cave Lodge

in Soppong, Thailand

Cave Lodge is an incredible property situated on the side of a mountain near Soppong, part of the Pang Mapha district in Thailand. It was started in 1984 by an Australian named John Spies, who still runs it today.

They started out as an exploration operation, having explored and discovered dozens of caves in the area. Not only do they map the caves and guide people through them, but they take samples of dirt and minerals, sending them for carbon dating to help improve scientific understanding of this area's geography.

Over time the operation grew to be what it is today, offering travelers the experience of a lifetime up in the most northern edge of Thailand possible (which means the weather is superb!). The lodge is a home base for a huge array of activites: caving, kayaking, hiking and trekking, swimming, sunrise hikes, and more.

The pictures don't do this place justice. They can't capture the creaking of teak wood everywhere you walk, the crackling of bamboo hammocks as people lazily read books in the afternoon, and at night the chirping of crickets and the occasional BWOOOMP of the frogs. It's such a relaxing, peaceful place in the day, and packed with really fun and interesting travelers at night.

This isn't your standard party crew though. Most people hit the beds at 9pm so they can be up early for whatever adventure they've chosen the next day.

More on that later!