Back again

in Pai, Thailand

This was the site of my leg injury way in the beginning of our travels. We spent so much time in Pai — the longest stay anywhere of our whole trip — during my recuperation that it didn't seem right to go home without visiting our friends at Sabai Garden first.

We originally planned to do all the touristy things we'd missed out on the first time around due to my immobility. When we were here before, we'd barely gotten started, bursting with enthusiasm to do and see everything (until I got hurt of course).

But this second time around, having seen so many countries, gone on so many treks, eaten so many new foods, Pai basically felt like home. We knew the place, our favorite food stands, where laundry was cheap, exactly where to get a bus ticket, how to say hello and thank you. It's an interesting sensation, this familiarity. After so many months on the road it is the exception, not the norm.

Feeling so comfortable in Pai, we only wanted to take it slowly. We ditched our plans of seeing the Pai canyon, riding up to the white Buddha, and visiting the other waterfall. We spent our days relaxing, reading books, drinking thai teas to beat the heat during the day, and having beers at night with friends.